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Bryan Bourgeois is Principal of Shorebreak Capital, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisor.   Bryan primarily serves Central Texas and South Floria and has offices in Austin, TX and Miami Beach, FL.  Bryan also serves foreign international family offices and clients in other U.S. states.

Mr. Bourgeois created to enhance transparency and information in the esoteric world of REITs, Non-Listed REITs, Private REITs, Interval Funds, BDCs, Reg D Offerings, DST and 1031 investments.

Mr. Bourgeois offers best-in-class shares, including institutional class shares, which typically carry a lower fee structure, producing a higher net return to his clients.  With Shorebreak Capital as your Registered Investment Advisor, you are able to obtain similar pricing as large institutions and access the same high-quality investment managers and portfolios with no commissions.

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