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Lodging Fund

7.50% Distribution Rate – RIA Shares (Net of Commission)1

$100,000,000 Offering

$9.3 Offering Price  RIA Shares (Net of Commission)1

Asset Class:  Select Service Hospitality                                                                                                                                                           Investment Objective: Long term investment seeking durable & predictable income
Expected Hold Period: 3 – 5+ years after fund closes to new investors

Sponsor’s Website:

Opening Date: 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                   Expected Close Date: Q2 2018

Fund Description

(As stated on sponsor’s website):

The fund plans to invest in hotels that present an opportunity for income generation and capital appreciation – hotels we believe will see performance-based appreciation over a three-to-five-year hold period.  We will attempt to balance real estate income and appreciation from a broad base of hotel assets located in a variety of markets.

We believe the lodging industry represents a compelling opportunity for real estate investors.  Hotels come in a variety of forms, locations, and amenities catering varied markets.  With experienced management and proper leverage, hotels can deliver both income and growth.*

*There can be no assurance these objectives and strategies will be achieved.

Strategic Student & Senior Housing Trust, Inc.  –  $100,000,000 Offering

$8.5 Offering Price***  Distribution Rate –  6.9% – A Share

$7.9 Offering Price  RIA Shares (Net of Commission)1

(***15% Discount for first $20 million raised.)

$10 Regular Offering Price –  6% – A Share

Asset Class:  Student & Senior Housing

Sponsor’s Website:

Opening Date: January 2017      Expected Close Date: 2018

Fund Description

(As stated on sponsor’s website):

We are pleased to offer shares in Strategic Student & Senior Housing Trust, Inc. (“Strategic REIT”), a recently formed Maryland corporation that intends to qualify as a real estate investment trust (“REIT”).  We intend to invest the net proceeds of this offering in a portfolio of student housing and senior housing real estate investments.  We believe that demand is growing for each of these specialized real estate investment segments.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, college enrollment in the United States is expected to increase 14% from 2011 to 2022, reaching an all-time high of 24 million enrolled college students. This statistic shows the demand that college and universities will face to provide ample, well-designed housing.  Senior housing continues to perform well due to the aging Baby Boomer demographic, fewer family caregivers, and a preference toward amenities rich environments for seniors. We will seek to achieve our objectives by primarily investing in the following types of real estate assets:  (i) Newly constructed, pedestrian-to-campus, purpose-built, Class “A” income-producing student housing designed to accommodate students enrolled in undergraduate or post-secondary, public, and private four-year colleges and universities; and (ii) Class “A” income-producing independent living communities, assisted living communities, memory care facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and other properties that focus on providing housing to seniors with an emphasis on private pay sources of revenue. We are offering investors the opportunity to invest in a single REIT that intends to take advantage of the growing demand for these two unique asset classes.  We believe that Strategic REIT can provide stability, diversification, income, and potential growth over the long term. Thank you for considering Strategic REIT for your portfolio. We look forward to serving you..*

*There can be no assurance these objectives and strategies will be achieved.