Risk Factors


This website is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Some of the more significant risks investing in traded, non-traded, private REITs, DSTs and/or BDCs may include the following: the program may be an initial public offering; the program may have no operating history; the program may be a “best efforts” offering; the program may have a “blind pool” because the managers have not identified any properties to acquire with the net proceeds from the offering; no public market currently exists for shares of non-traded common stock and the a non-traded fund may not list our shares on a national securities exchange before three to five years after completion of an offering, if at all; it may be difficult to sell your shares; if you sell your shares, it will likely be at a substantial discount; the fund may have paid distributions from sources other than our cash flows from operations; including from the net proceeds of this offering; the fund is no prohibited from undertaking such activities by our charter, bylaws or investment policies, and funds may use an unlimited amount from any source to pay our distributions; funds may pay distributions from the net proceeds of their offering and form borrowings in anticipation of future cash flows; there may be substantial conflicts of interest among the fund, their sponsor, advisor, property manager and dealer manager; a fund’s advisor may face conflicts of interest relating to the purchase or sale of properties.  Any investment contains risk and may lose value, including 100% of principal invested.  Investments are not guaranteed by the FDIC or any government agency.  For risk factors regarding specific investments, please refer the “risk factors” section of the corresponding prospectus. You can also look up funds and companies through the SEC company filing search: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html